Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mutton Haleem - Easy way

Haleem is one of the most anticipated dishes in the month of Ramadan, at least in my city. Presented here is a simple and quick version of the same delicacy, enjoy!

Wheat rava (split wheat, you can use wheat too) - 500gm
Mutton, boneless preferred - 1kg
onions - 2
Green chillies
Kawab chini
Shahzeera (caraway)
Curd - 250gm
Ginger garlic paste
Pure ghee
Red chilli powder
Black pepper (whole)
Powdered spices
Few fried cashews

Soak the wheat or wheat rava for at least 2-3 hours. Add ginger garlic paste, spice powder, sliced onions and salt to the mutton and cook till tender. Do not discard the water left over after cooking mutton. Cook the soaked rava with salt. Grind both the things separately. Then in a large vessel, add ghee. Add the ginger garlic paste, whole spices, salt, chilli powder, slit green chillies and curd. fry well till oil separates. then add the ground mutton followed by the ground wheat. Add the leftover water that you kept aside after cooking mutton mix really well, adjust consistency with water if needed. It should be like a free falling paste. garnish with coriander, fried cashews, and ghee.

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