Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Raw Mango Pickle (Aam ka Achaar)

Here is recipe for that favourite summer pickle that everyone looks forward to!

Raw Mangoes - 20
Chilli powder(for pickles) - 350gms
Turmeric - 50gms
Cumin powder - 50gms
Fenugreek powder - 30gms
Mustard seeds powder - 250gms
Salt - 500gms
Oil - 1and half kgs
Garlic - 500gms

Pickle cut, wash and dry the pieces of mangoes in air, (like under a fan). Clean each piece separately and remove the white layer from it. Wipe with a clean dry cloth. Add salt to it, mix well. Put in a container and cover the mouth of the container with a cloth, keep aside for two days. On the third day, add all the powder spices and mix well. Heat oil in a big vessel, switch the stove off, and when it is moderately cool add peeled garlic, and when it cools completely add it to the pickle mixture. Check to see it the taste of salt dominates, if not add more salt, store in a glass jar and enjoy for months to come.

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