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In this section I try and share with you some of the tips and tricks to follow in order to make things easy in the kitchen. From storage of ingredients to cooking times and cutting methods, I am gonna share all with you. So enjoy and happy cooking!

I shall regularly update this page with more info, so check back often, you may write in the comments below if there is any particular thing you want me to cover.

1. How to store spring onions
2. How to keep ginger fresh for a long time
3. How to soften onion quickly for curries

1. How to store spring onions: Spring onions can trun into one of those awful veggies that are so difficult to store for a long time, so here is an easy tip. Cut/chop the freshly brought spring onions, whites and greens both, and funnel them in a plastic bottle. The ones that come as use and throw bottles of water work best for this. Store the bottle in the freezer, when needed just remove the bottle, shake it up a little, and pour or drop out as much as you need, then re-cap the remaining and place back in freezer, simple! I personally find this extremely helpful, do write your own experiences in the comments.

2. How to keep ginger fresh for a long time: To keep ginger fresh for a long time, keep the ginger buried in soil, like in a plant pot. Returning ginger to its natural habitat ensures that it stays fresh and live for a long time. It may develop a green bud here and there but they are no issues.

3. How to soften onion quickly for curries: Softening onions while making curries can be a big part of any curry making process that involves onion. Whether sliced or chopped many curries require us to fry or soften the onions before adding other ingredients, and the problem with this is, the onions take a long time to soften at times, and this softening will be delayed if we are impatient and add other ingredients early. So to speed up the process, here is the tip. Add salt to the frying onions, simple but effective, the onions will become soft in no time!

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